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26-04-2018 22:26

24-07-2017 21:53
Hello all members.
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Hello Guyz,

I am Sharing the my First Theme which doesn't look quite Good but its OK according to me for a Beginner Pfft

Theme name : Dirty-Gaming

Type : Gaming

Version : 1.0

PHP Fusion Version : 7.01.xx

About : I've chosen the Name of the Theme as Dirty Gaming, because the Theme Colour is related to my First Multiplayer game I've played, i.e, Counter Strike Condition Zero and it looks quite Dirty Pfft

Screenshot :


Ankur attached the following file:
dirty-gaming.zip [564.91kB / 309 Downloads]

Edited by Ankur on 12-02-2011 23:13
Be What you want to be...Wink
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