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Which CMS is Best
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PHP Fusion or Joomla
Respected Members and Admins,

I am in a confusion. Actually my friends are using Joomla and they are advising me to go for Joomla as there is a lot of flexiability which i will not enjoy in PHP Fusion. I have actually spent 1 month on PHP Fusion and is quite comfortable with it and has also made my site on localhost. But I would like to hear your views what are the strengths and weaknesses of both the CMS. Why I should prefer PHP Fusion over Joomla or Vice Versa.

Please Suggest.
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If you will post this Thread on the Main Support Site, I assure you that you will be going to have Best Response from so many Experienced Users as so many people are much active on the Main Site.

In order to get better response, I advice you to create your Profile at the main Site also : http://www.php-fusion.co.uk/

By the way, I will go with PHP Fusion.

When I'ed installed Joomla First, (Truly Saying) I got mad and confused Angry ! Huh ! that where to Edit the settings and how to change the content and everything was just Crap Angry

Also, when I tried to check out some Modules inside it, I had to Modify one module to suite my Website. But, I was not able to Mod it because I could not understand the structure how it is made.

So I will prefer for PHP Fusion as my Testimonial says Wink :


Its Easy to Understand, to Configure, to MOD anything in it, to Use & everything Coded Perfectly. Thats Y I Love It Smile

Thank You
Be What you want to be...Wink
When I wanted to make my first website I tried a lot of different CMS's.

Also tried Joomla, but the admin interface is much more complicated then PHP-Fusion.
Standard Joomla has no forum, when I remember correctly. You have to install it as an component. But which forum component to choose? There were several, some maintained but most of them left as is.
So the trouble with Joomla is to find out what component is kept up to date and what it features are.

PHP-Fusion has standard and up to date features and is easy to manage. That was for me the reason to go with PHP-Fusion.
Hi ,

I have also tried Joomla and it is very confusing to understand the admin interface and also bit difficult to understand the core concept.

I have used PHP Fusion when i was in college day's and it is not so complicated to understand the core concepts[still am novice in PHP].

Advantages[from my piont of view] :

1. Site load time is fast compare to Joomla.
2. Admin settings are very easy to understand.
3. Easy to customize.
4. Good for SEO.
5. Novice can learn PHP using Fusion core concepts and ideas.

It's been four years i have not much involved in PHP fusion due to my work.

Hope this time i will.....

Thank you...!

Best Regards,
Well you are welcome to participate. Smile
Hello, i used Joomla and PHP-Fusion, Joomla at Govt. Website and PF at my personal website. It is hard to say what is good and what is best. For me, PF is light and easy to use and edit for user than Joomla, so i voted PF here.
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