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Posted by Wanabo on 13-02-2013 21:43

It is my intention to offer as many as possible Indian languages here on, so a lot of people will choose php-fusion as their CMS simply because it supports their native language.

I think the preferred discussion language should be English, but there also must be a possibility to ask questions in one of the supported languages.

How do we deal with the different languages?

1. should we create seperate forums per language?
2. use the existing English forum categories here at php-fusion and allow different languages?
3. something completely different.

Please your thoughts on the matter.

Posted by Ankur on 14-02-2013 22:22

I think that it would be good to keep the English as Default for site communication.

In my opinion, we could, in future, can provide sub-domains to different people, who handle the locales and support in their languages. Those domains will be made only after a locale has been made in that language.

For Example: If there are currently two Languages, Hindi & Mizo, then we could set up and where corresponding admins will be handling the website. By default, everything related to indian languages will be available at the main domain here...

What say?

Posted by Wanabo on 14-02-2013 22:27

So it would be a multisite setup then? I have no experience with that. If you guide me with that it would be an option. It's a great idea by the way.

But I hope in version 8 we will have subforums, these could be localized.

Posted by Ankur on 14-02-2013 22:41

Wanabo wrote:

But I hope in version 8 we will have subforums, these could be localized.

I have currently no idea regarding that.

Basically, in that case, I see that it would be quite interesting to run a multilingual site, using UTF-8. We can setup forums in different language then.

We could also provide a tool like Transliteration in order to make it more better and easy...

Posted by Wanabo on 14-02-2013 23:10

Currently the site is running UTF-8, so (I think) we don't need a transliteration tool because anybody can type in the characters of their native tongue.

Proof: मैं कुछ बात लिखें

I still like the idea of a multi site using subdomains for localized support.

Posted by subodh on 13-06-2016 09:53

Instead of developing multiple sites in different languages, it's better to have one site and with different forum subcategories.
Also, it will be better if we integrate typing tools that allow typing in different language provided by google.

Posted by Wanabo on 06-07-2016 21:26

v9 will have subforums, with any language possible.

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