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25-01-2019 21:05
In lo dam hlawm maw?
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[MOD]Prevent certain countries to register

If you have a website aimed at only 1 country and receive a lot of spammers from other countries then you can prevent them registering with this mod.

Or just block unwanted countries.

In this example I use XX for the country codes so I cannot offend any countries by listing them here.
Replace XX for the desired country to block.

Open register.php and find around line 86
Download source  Code

   if (!preg_match("/^[-0-9A-Z_\.]{1,50}@([-0-9A-Z_\.]+\.){1,50}([0-9A-Z]){2,4}$/i", $email)) {
      $error .= $locale['406']."<br />\n";

Insert directly below this code.
Download source  Code

// block unwanted countries. See Wipmania.com for country list. Mod by Wanabo.
if (getenv(HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR)) {$trueip = getenv(HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR);} else {$trueip = getenv(REMOTE_ADDR);}
$blockcountry = array("XX","XX","XX");
$country = file_get_contents("http://api.wipmania.com/".$trueip."?".$_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']."");
if ($country == in_array($country,$blockcountry)) {$error .= $locale['406']."<br />\n";}
// end country mod

Improvements of this code is welcome.
Thanks for this Good MOD Wanabo.... Wink

Also, you can Block them through the .htaccess if you want to Block particular IPs or IP Range from a particular Country !!! Smile
Be What you want to be...Wink
But in htaccess, you prevent them from viewing your site as well.
Besides ip ranges change now and then, wipmania.com keeps them updated for you. Smile
Wanabo wrote:
But in htaccess, you prevent them from viewing your site as well.

Agree... Cool
Be What you want to be...Wink
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